Technical Writing

  Do You Need INSTRUCTION GUIDES or HELP Files as part of your new site's offerings, a new MARKETING program, or a MAGAZINE ARTICLE for a NEW Product ROLLOUT? Do you need DATA REPORTS to support an upcoming Expense plan? Or perhaps a professional grade PROPOSAL for a GRANT ?


    Certified Technical Writing Available

Audience Analysis • Data Reports • Instructionals • Magazine Articles • Proposals • Research Reports • User Guides

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  • Audience Analysis
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Sample Excerpts Below...

Repair Man caricature

jMD can Accomodate Many of your SUPPORT DOCUMENTATION Needs in a variety of Technical disciplines. Much of the work I have done in these areas is proprietary, excluding Published Materials on Websites I've built.

  REVIEW Documents below are strictly and deliberately short example documents only for purposes of demonstrating use of Syntax, Audience Direction, and Professional Formatting.

  For a REVIEW of your Specific Needs I encourage you to contact me via Email or feel free to Call Directly at 972-488-3700.



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