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  If you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase, please ship the unused item in its original packaging or container within 20 days of receipt. Please note we will not accept returns for holiday related products which are purchased immediately before the active holiday and subsequently returned immediately thereafter without due cause.

  This specifically includes defects in workmanship or product non-performance. Refunds will be issued via Yontif company check, or credit card purchase refund as appropriate, and refunds will only be issued to the original purchasor. Please note we will unable to refund or replace your purchase is found to be dirty, stained, scratched, damaged or abused.

  For products returned in good &: working condition meeting our return crtieria, a refund of the merchandise and taxes will be given however shipping and handling for the delivery and pick up will not be refunded. Please note that we may request for you to email/send pictures or video of damaged or defective merchandise.

  Promotional Terms & Conditions: When a promotional item included in the original transaction is not returned, the value of the promotional item will be deducted from the refund amount.


  Yontif Enterprises LLC fully stands behind all of our offered products as being of advanced quality and durability, with our sincerest effort to provide you with items that will offer year after year of faithful performance. In the event of a product failure as itemized below, and where it can be reasonably shown that defects are due to manufacture, Yontif will replace your purchase with it's equivalent or better, at our discretion.

a)  Steel products which break without visible cause or otherwise undo stress:
     Within 2 years:  Full replacement and shipping.
     Within 5 years:  Full replacement, shipping not included.
     Within 10 years: 50% off new purchase or free replacement & shipping of defective part

Customers may opt at their own discretion to simply have defective single components shipped free of charge for repair on-site. At our discretion we may perform the same option for replaceable products.

b)  PVC Products:
      Within 2 years: Free replacement of defective part with shipping
      Within 5 years: Free replacement of defective part, shipping not included.

a)  Steel Products
   All products ship from the factory with a complementary repair kit for certain electric components. It is extremely unlikely you will need items such as light bulbs for many years, so remember to store them where you can find them again! That stated, the only real cause to damage our products electrically will be either extreme line-voltage spike, a lightning strike, or water damage. We do not consider normal rainfall to be water damage, though you should make effort to protect the steel menorahs from excess rainfall by simply installing the provided fixture caps if placed outdoors. Excessively corroded light kits will not be replaced free of charge, and may be ordered by clicking here. All other stress failures will be taken on a case by case basis, and in the event a second unit fails for no valid reason, we will replace it for cost of shipping only. Shipping may be waived at our discretion.

  The electric motor fans installed in our steel menorahs are covered under their own manufacturer's warranty, hence we do not cover them directly. That stated, they are very well designed and protected from surges, and it is again extremely unlikely they will fail. In the event your motor fails, please contact us for assistance, which we shall happily provide to get you a replacement. Please also note yiou will need to have personnel of your choosing perform the replacement, and we will readily assist this party with all information they need to effect repair.

b) PVC Products
  Our PVC menorahs are specifically designed for potential rainfall, one need only insure the drain holes in the candle fixtures are clean and clear of debris when assembling for seasonal use. One additional LED candle is included with your purchase, and these units will last almost indefinitely in this case with proper care of the battery compartment. The candles are covered by their own warranty which will expire long before they go out, and replacements may be ordered from us by clicking here.