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Yontif® Outdoor Star of David Menorahs for Residential and Event Display

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  • Star of David Menorah

Our Exclusive Star of David Menorah
Indoor/Outdoor use and Built to Last!


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  Yontif® residential display menorahs are well suited for just about any application. Requiring no external power on their own, these menorahs can be utilized with real candles or our unique remote-control holiday LED candles, which are included with your purchase. These candles provide a variety of settings from flickering candlelight to multi-color light displays. They are also designed to easily withstand harsh weather conditions.

  The Star Menorahs easily assemble in minutes and come shipped to you in a sturdy reusable box with individual component sleeves to protect your menorah while in storage year after year. The LED candle displays will last almost indefinitely and shall only require periodic AA battery replacement. A unique consideration when used in residential applications is that the star is of course readily visible both night and day, lending your display that extra touch of seasonal decor.

“Available in 2 standard sizes & Custom sizing Too!”

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   While we refer to this design as our residential model, in truth these units are utilized in commercial settings as well. We can readily create custom sizes for this unit to your suit your needs, and we currently stock both 5ft and 10ft Stars ready to ship. If you have an event coming up and need a large menorah that quickly assembles and truly stands out, Yontif provides the perfect solution for your needs.

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  In choosing a Yontif menorah, you are assured the finest in quality, durability, and safety to be found in the world. Our menorahs are wonderfully simple to set up & use, and we provide instructional materials in both written and video format, which can be found right here. Thus in commercial applications your maintenance personnel can readily visit this site for a refresher or otherwise. Take a moment to learn more about Yontif Enterprises by sifting through this site. Hereupon you will discover our purpose & intent, our commitment to product excellence, and our sincere devotion to customer service. See the menu links above...