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The Menorah and the Jewish Community

ancient man lighting Menorah

ceramic painting with Menorahs

 We have chosen the menorah as our flagship product for its significance in Jewish history and its universal recognizance as an emblem of the Judean winter solstice.

  While use of the Menorah and its meaning are common knowledge to the Jewish population, many of those outside Judaism are aware of its existence as a Christmas-time emblem and yet know surprisingly little of its origins.

  We provide two links here where you can learn more of its history, The Hanukkah Menorah, and The Temple Menorah. These articles provide a broad history of the Menorah and how customs surrounding it developed. Our real purpose here though is far more modern...


        A Different Approach...

Jewish boys looking at christian Christmas display

Menorah in place at Northpark Dallas

 Here at Yontif we are taking a different tack; our purpose being to further bring the Menorah into the colloquial of the holiday season as modern times have come to define it.

  In the months and weeks leading up to the end of December for example, the practice of gift giving on Christmas day has literally transcended all other historical significance of the season, in our case that being the timeframe of Kislev.

  Everywhere in the western world at that time one finds endless and beautiful displays of Christian themed décor. In the Jewish tradition of respect to all cultures, we seek to complement these displays with those of our own that publicly serve to remind our community and particularly our children that we are also a part of the festivities as well, having an equal cause of celebration in the historical role played in the evolution of the season, and the excitement it brings for children of all distinction.