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The National Menorah Lighting Ceremony

  The institution of a National Lighting Ceremony is a surprisingly recent bit of governance. In present times it is rapidly becoming a recognized event at the state and local levels as well. In retrospect one can easily conclude this is most certainly a practice long overdue, given the historical significance of Israel to all of the western-based faiths. Representatives of the Jewish community have followed suit on this national event by quietly working to promote public ceremonies within their own respective spheres of influence. And their purpose has been singular; the public and auspicious display of the menorah is a superb way of promoting enlightenment toward the Jewish historical experience.

                                       “The public display of the menorah is a superb way of promoting enlightenment”

  The winter holiday season is a uniquely special time of the year, with it's themes of remembrance and fellowship. The public promotion of Jewish culture is far more significant than just inclusion to the spirit of things, as it truly allows people of all faiths to more easily share in celebrance with their Jewish friends and perhaps family members... In the public arena, it all began at the highest of levels.

  In 1951 President Harry Truman was presented with a menorah by Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion while visiting the White House. But it was 28 years later in 1979 however that President Jimmy Carter became the first official White House visitor to attend a national menorah lighting, in Washington's Lafeyette Park.

   In 1993 President Bill Clinton lit the first Hanukkah menorah to be placed in the Oval Office of the White House, and President George Bush followed suit in 2001 by inaugurating the annual tradition of a White House Hanukkah Party, which also includes a lighting ceremony. Today the national menorah lighting ceremony is held annually on the Ellipse, just across from the White House, and now holds title as the lighting of the “world's largest menorah”. 2004 marked the 25th anniversary celebration of the National Menorah coinciding with the formation of the National Menorah Council, which now enjoys support in all 50 states.


  This event is viewed by millions across the nation and around the world via media, and has become the national symbol of the festival of Chanukah, inspiring many communities to sponsor even more public menorah lighting ceremonies of their own. And this is the essence of the celebration; to proclaim and celebrate the miracle of Chanukah - The Festival of Lights in the most public manner possible...

  Through innovative concepts like our commercial Faux-Flame and residential Star of David Menorahs, commercial centers and residences anywhere can illuminate their environment with the special glow and meaning of the Chanukah lights, celebrating the victory of right over might, good over evil, and light over darkness.



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Dec. 21st, 2011 - YONTIF® Star of David Menorah makes it's first Public Appearance

In a coordinated effort with Dallas Jewish organizations, Louis Okon of Yontif Enterprises was pleased to provide our first prototype residential menorah for use in the Galleria Dallas during the 2011 Hanukkah. On the 21st of December a special ceremony was held commemorating the festival of lights and was entitled “Light One Candle”. Hundreds turned out for the event which was co-hosted by the Chabad of Dallas and the PJ Library. Children were treated to a story, song, and snacks. The menorah shown was a custom 15 foot build for use by the mall. These residential menorahs are easily transportable & stored, and are offered in standard height sizes of 4, 8, and 12 foot tall. LED lighting kits are included and offer a variety of lighting options.

Aug 5th, 2012 - YONTIF Enterprises Prepares Launch
Jeb Baker In anticipation of the 2012 season, Yontif General Manager Jeb Baker announced today that the residential series polyvinyl menorahs are expected to be ready to ship as early as Sept. 30th. “Our raw materials inventory arrived ahead of schedule, so we are well-positioned in advance of our expected rush window.” Additional announcements are expected soon on the commercial product line, as many improvements have been made to the original design in order to facilitate logistical considerations of moving the designs around. Says owner Louis Okon, “An important consideration in the design process at some point had to be how to easily move the product into place once on location. Several mock-ups were experimented with before we developed our latest rendition, and we are delighted in how effective it is with zero impact on the appearance of the product.” Yontif is expected to release it's 2012 online catalog on Sept. 10th.

Light One Candle