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The rabbirazzi

Jeb Baker

"We knew we were on to something when half the neighborhood showed up thinking we were about to burn down the warehouse..." - Jeb Baker | Yontif General Manager

rabbi Fire Truck

Seeing Is Believing!


We proudly introduce the Yontif® Faux-Flame Menorahs,
the perfect choice for commercial holiday decor. A flame so real you truly can't tell until you are right up on it! It's amazing, just check out the videos below to see people's reaction! Our commercial-environ menorahs are beautifully crafted and made of Chrome plated steel. Superbly durable, dependable year after year, and best of all, totally fire-free & safe.
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The Star of David Indoor/Outdoor Menorah
And for commercial or residential use, we introduce our Star of David weather-proof line. Made of durable lightweight plastics and featuring LED flameless candles, these units are a true holiday inspiration, and will provide year after year of reliable holiday celebration. The flameless candles can be remote controlled up to 40 ft away, and provide a variety of fun holiday settings for display.