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Frequently Asked Questions

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How will our menorah be delivered and when can we expect it to arrive?

crate   All of our residential Star of David series menorahs are delivered via Fed-Ex, UPS, or DHL depending on your location. Unless otherwise notified, you may expect delivery approximately 10 business days after order. Rush delivery orders will reduce that timeframe to 4 days.
  Our commercial series menorahs are crated and shipped via trailer. Upon receipt of your product, you need only disassemble the surrounding crate and bring the unit to an upright position. Enclosed instructions will guide you to raise the unit using it's built-in jack system that raises the unit onto its own wheels and several inches off the floor, whereupon you may easily move the unit to its intended destination. Though you may certainly use typical warehouse equipment to move the menorah, it is not required; the unit is completely mobile on its own...
dhl truck   You may expect delivery of your menorah approximately 3 weeks after your order has been placed. In its crate, the standard size unit will need at least 9 feet x 6 feet of floor clearance when moving it indoors. When removed from the crate and righted, it will need 8.5 (2.6 M) ft. height clearance. Please be prepared to give us precise delivery instructions as to your facility, along with delivery hours if applicable. A contact name & number will be helpful also, but not required. If it so happens the unit cannot be moved indoors upon arrival, you may be assured the unit is well protected from the elements while crated, and will not incur structural, electrical, or mechanical damage under adverse weather conditions.

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Are there any special storage or handling considerations?

don't scratch me menorah star   Due care & common sense is always advised when handling & storing large or heavy items, and ours are no exception. Also, finished products are always best stored in a cool dry environment. That said, our menorah products are durable and truly built to last, so in truth it's all but impossible to to damage them under normal use. We do note that care should be taken with the Star of David menorahs, as like any hard plastic product they can be scratched if handled carelessly...
  Our large menorahs once out of the crate can be kept in just about any environment, though we recommend you keep them covered with the provided plastic sheet when in storage. Our PVC units are meant to be disassembled and put back in the individual part sheaths they came in, and we have deliberately oversized the shipping box somewhat to make annual storage a snap for you. Exercise appropriate caution when sheathing & storing, so to avoid scratching them...

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Do you have any tips on assembly & takedown? What about video help?

  Yes and yes. In addition to the instructions provided, we have also placed video on our Youtube Channel which you will find very helpful. Common sense caution should always prevail when moving the large menorahs, as they are heavy and will not be comfortable if rolling over your toes! As the large menorahs are shipped & stored totally intact, there is no takedown.
  The PVC menorahs are constructed & disassembled each holiday season, and though relatively simple to do, caution is emphasized when putting connecting pieces together, to avoid pinching your fingers in the process. This advice is highlighted in the instructions as well as the video.

Should we order any replaceable parts in advance?

  You can if you like but it's really not necessary... Simple user-replaceable parts on the large menorah include small halogen light bulbs and velco fabric components. Under normal use it will take roughly 10 years before the bulbs wind down, and we already include 1 additional light kit, 2 spare bulbs, and 2 pieces of fabric complementary with your purchase.
The residential menorahs utilize simulated candles for outdoor use, powered by 2 AAA batteries and utilizing LED bulbs. Other than battery replacement, the candles should last quite literally a lifetime.

Are there any additional accessories available with these products?

  No additional accessories are currently available, but several accoutrements are in the evaluation process.

Do we need to be concerned about potential water damage?

All our designs may be used outside and the residential line is specifically designated for outdoor use. If it so happens to rain, we do recommend you remove standing water from the artificial candles used in our Star of David line when convenient to do so, there's no rush...
  The commercial units are primarily designed to be used indoors, however they may also be used outside if desired and in the presence of rain will effectively keep themselves free of catch-water whether the unit is on or off.

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What about safety... Any potential issues?

  Safety is always a concern with any product, and the safe movement and/or assembly of our products is thoroughly covered in our instruction sets. In addition, we have also placed area-specific labels on our products to underscore safe handling procedure where appropriate.

What warranties do you offer?

shop people  We fully stand behind every item we sell. Yontif products have been designed using the only the finest in high-durability materials. Warranties provided are specific to the product purchased, but for purposes here all products we manufacture and sell are warrantied at minimum for at least 10 years for workmanship & non user-replaceable materials.

Can we use everyday products to clean our menorah?

  As a general rule, yes. Obviously we recommend the avoidance of corrosive cleaning agents... The use of a soft cloth to polish the surfaces is highly advised, and will definitely acheive the best results quickly.

Where are these menorahs being made?

  All of our menorahs are produced from raw materials in our manufacturing facilities in Dallas, Texas USA.

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