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Louis Okon
Louis Okon

Steve Okon
Steve Okon

  Yontif Enterprises traces its roots back more than 100 years when Louis Okon boarded a ship from Poland in search of religious and financial freedom. His journey first took him to Ellis Island before settling down in Dallas, Texas where he began creating his family’s legacy in the metals recycling business.

  Twenty-five years ago, at the request of Rabbi Dubrofski, Louis Okon’s grandson Steve Okon constructed one of the largest outdoor menorahs of its time. In addition to being a beautiful piece of art work, this menorah created a gathering place for Jewish people, young and old, from around the city to celebrate Chanukah. For some, it even symbolized the religious freedom for which so many generations of Jews have fought and died.


  Steve’s son Louis Okon, his great-grandfather’s namesake, created Yontif Enterprises to fill a void.

  The Okon family hopes that Yontif Enterprises help make a day possible when Jewish children around the world can proudly feel a connection to the holiday decorations in public gathering places such as malls, shopping centers, hospitals, parks, office buildings, and theme parks.

  In honor and celebration of his great-grandfather’s 100-year-old dream of religious freedom, Louis Okon established Yontif Enterprises to help Jewish families around the world share in that dream through the creation and public display of larger-than-life, beautifully crafted Okon menorahs and other holiday displays.

original large Menorah
The Menorah that started it all...

  To this end the Yontif company has taken on the task of creating, promoting, and distributing the Jewish experience via unique & high quality goods designed for public display.

  At inception, the company's main focus has been large symbolic items relevant to historic celebratory events, most notably the timeframe of Hanukkah.

  In building these products, we have set out from day one to distinguish ourselves in quality and craftsmanship. Our century old parent company Okon Metals has long since set a standard of excellence, and we continue that tradition at Yontif.

  In due course, new and fun products will be added to the line-up, and all with one very important common goal; teaching enlightenment and harmony to all...


       About Our Logo

  The Yontif logo was created in 2012 to commemorate Yontif Enterprises' founding mission sdtatement: “To promote community and enhance the Jewish experience through art and innovation.” The name Yontif was chosen for it’s Yiddish origins and celebratory meaning, literally Gut Yontif, or Good Holiday, a greeting of friendship and good tidings expressed on special event dates in Judean society.

  The fire above the letter “I” represents the very first product the company created, Menorahs as works of art for commercial public display and gatherings.

  The Star of David is divided into 2 sections. The first is a field of precise Techelet blue, a Murex variant dye made in ancient times in Jerusalem. The other section is almost, but not quite, pure silver - a 94% silver / 6% copper mix, representing the higher quality of shekels required for payment of annual temple taxes in the old testament era.

  Both lettering and background are given a raised relief symbolizing strength, and the angle of the bevel shadow is set to an azimuth of 53 ,and altitude of 35, which represents the Jerusalem marketplace high noon sun, facing north, on approximately 25 Kislev, or the first full day of Hanukkah.


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