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Yontif® Commercial Menorahs for Public Event & Mall Displays

  • Chrome Menorah in VV Mall
  • Chrome Menorah in VV Mall

You've Got Great Holiday Displays...
But Do You Have One of These?


the Rabbi

  Yontif® commercial display menorahs make a magnificent addition to any open area seasonal setting and are ideal for large indoor spaces. The chromed finish lends itself superbly to a variety of environmental surroundings and readily stand out in all types of lighting.

  Our innovative faux-flame display as we refer to them are a result of months of developmental testing to achieve the most realistic flame display ever created that we are aware of. Using a carefully orchestrated combination effect of wind, lighting, fabric and color, the flame units add a perfect touch to an already attention-getting holiday accoutrement. We take great pride in watching our menorahs command the attention of all who come near them for this as well as their overall beauty and symbolism.

“Add Something Truly Unique to your Holiday Customer Experience”

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   It must be stated that the use of a menorah in your holiday displays add a highly important representative element for many of your most discerning clientele. In doing so, you are also providing a draw element that is sure to be revisited several times over during any individual season as well as annual recurrences. In fact, the initial lighting is usually performed as a ceremony unto itself, being performed by a local Rabbi, and handily draws in hundreds of people to participate in the event.

Kids at Lighting

Rabbi Dubrowski being interviewed

Crowd of people at menorah Lighting


  In choosing a Yontif commercial-grade menorah, you are assured the finest in quality, durability, and safety to be found in the world. Our menorahs are wonderfully simple to set up & use, and are literally a one-man, virtually equipment-free operation from start of season to finish. The menorah has its own transport system built-in, and is easily and safely moved by hand.

  The instructional materials contained in this site demonstrate the simple steps one follows regarding menorah procedure, and are available in both written and video format. Your maintenance personnel can thus readily visit this site for a refresher or otherwise. Take a moment to learn more about Yontif Enterprises by sifting through this site. Hereupon you will discover our purpose & intent, our commitment to product excellence, and our sincere devotion to customer service. See the menu links above...


Custom Builds


ceramic painting with Menorahs

Do you have a specific size or type in mind?


      Yontif® is a Texas based manufacturing enterprise possessing the equipment and manpower to readily take on the most challenging of constructs.

  At our facilities we can produce any size menorah to your precise specifications, and can readily assist in the concepting as well. If you have a need for a specific application we highly encourage you to call us!


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