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We have a story to tell you about the effects this economy is having on seniors like us. We started our life long adventure when we met at USC. Doug, after years in the Navy, entered the university on the GI Bill. I always had a soft spot in my heart for sailors, so in our junior year, we became engaged. We graduated and married in 1957.

Our four children, two natural (sons) and two adopted (daughters), filled up our home in Santa Ana, California. Yes, both my husband and I are native Californians. We have worked hard all our lives and enjoyed the best of retirement for several years.

Our unique story started when the economy went south. Doug was a day trader, and unfortunately when the market crashed, we lost all our retirement savings. If this sounds familiar, then you understand that other seniors have also lost large parts of their retirement account during the downturn. We, like so many, were desperate to solve our problem of having a house with plenty of equity, but no cash.

Our daughter suggested an attorney that specialized in bankruptcy, as this seemed to be our last option� Or so we thought. The appointment was set. We gathered our papers, and off we went. Surprisingly, the attorney told us not to take the bankruptcy path, but to at least look at the reverse mortgage as a solution. Since we never heard anything good about this type of mortgage, it took us awhile to follow his advice. But when our back was up against the wall, we looked into the product, and to our surprise, it turned out to be a great option. So we chose the reverse mortgage as a solution!

The reverse mortgage helped us eliminate our credit card debt, plus it put cash in our bank account. Of course, the best part is we can live in our home for the rest of our lives with NO MORTGAGE PAYMENTS.

Doug has been a mortgage broker for over 20 years, originating regular forward mortgages. Because of our extremely positive experience with our own reverse mortgage, Doug now originates both types of mortgages with an emphasis on the reverse mortgage. Our goal is to help other seniors solve their own similar stressful money problems at the lowest possible cost. We sleep much better now!

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