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    Services Assured field service management is our mission.

    From environmental technologies to data management systems to small construction, Reflex is your team at the ready.

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    New Strategies Where are you in the new marketplace?

    Business as usual is over! Especially in public services and provision. Reflex management ensures unique cost-control expertise and training.

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    Leadership We know what it takes to the leader!

    The Reflex team is comprised of successful business owners and former executives who understand the true value of hands-on experience.

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    Solutions Re-invigorate your supply line

    Reflex is expert at tightening supply chain procedures and security. Use our trusted resources for just-in-time and spot delivery.

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    Partnership Partner with us in complete confidence

    Certified industry experts in a variety of fields. Highly capable, competent project managers. Put total control back into your management team.

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John Moss and Sean Benson

  Reflex was concepted in 2011 with a singular mission; Project management for companies desirous of new expansion opportunities without having to take on the in-house cost. "In the wake of '09, restructuring wasn't just a good idea, for many it was mandatory" says John Moss, managing director and president.

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