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where we come in   Since we have began, our primary focus has been L.E.D. lighting. Now you essentially know what an LED light is, but as many have forgotten, LED stands for “light-emitting diode”. LED's have been around for decades, but only in the last few years have they become a serious venue for standard illumination use, and this having everything to do with significant advances in the technology behind the diode itself. What is key here is the fact that virtually all of the power consumed by an LED bulb is converted into visible light, which means an LED light consumes a fraction of the power of a standard bulb while emitting the same amount of spectral luminosity. In furtherance this light spectrum can be manipulated precisely as current lighting systems are to accomodate the venue, i.e. street, office, home, etc. The primary warm, soft colors, or frequencies, are available in LED just as they are in other light sources.

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  Now an off-shoot of our presentation made itself evident when we began researching client power bills as part of our analysis. Being “in the business”, we noticed repeated instances of tax-exempt utility usage being taxed anyway. And in spite of having the same electrical delivery provider, we also noticed a significant variance in delivery cost from client to client. So while the open energy markets have given consumers considerable leverage in their resourcing, it has left many baffled with the maze of exemptions, on & off peak variables, etc. And this is where we come in. Not only shall we look at your lighting configurations, we'll look at ALL of your utility bills as well, to see what we can find in the form of recoverable monies owed in the form of over-taxation. We shall also take a hard look at your “kWh” or kilo-Watt-hour delivery costs. More often than not we can introduce you to one of several energy providers who can drop your rates. Sometimes a little, many times a lot. Simply put, they don't operate in the limelight of the energy business. No Nascar, no TV ad campaigns, sponsorships, nada. They sell power; reliably, frugally, and quietly... The discounts we can bring to your power bills, the overpaid taxes, and critically your lighting costs, these things we address and this is how we earn our keep. We are quite confident in our ability to make significant reductions in your utility expense structure while simultaneously improving environmental quality. It's what we do...

   Below is the walk-through of the process. Here you can see our program, how we do it, and with this understanding hope you will allow us the opportunity to show you first-hand the difference we can truly make!

1. The Energy Savings Analysis

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technicianThe ESA, or Energy Savings Analysis, is the first step in our program. Our ESA teams conduct a thorough evaluation of your current lighting inventory. Interior/exterior lighting luminosity, wattage consumption of all bulbs, tubes, wall packs, high- bays and pole lighting. We document hours in use per day, days per week, and weeks in year. We measure distance from fixture to work surface for interior lighting and distance in-between fixtures for exterior lighting, additionally ensuring optimal lighting for each unique work environment. This basic data is compiled and presented to you in a comprehensive, yet very readable report. From this we can derive the lighting portion of your power usage, and by analysis of environmental data are able to ascertain precisely what recommendations (if any) to make on retro-fitting through LED products.

2. Utility Sales Tax Recovery

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Certain types of electrical delivery are exempt from sales tax, and we have often found recoverable monies due our clients from mistaken sales tax collections. Upon your authorization, we assign one of several utility-specialized audit firms to review your utility history over as long as 4 years for these funds. Upon discovery of anything recoverable, an itemized report is presented to you whereupon with your authorization the audit firm will proceed with the remuneration of anything due your company. This analysis includes the following:
Electricity, gas, water, sewer, and telephone. The process usually takes 4 to 6 weeks to complete, and the audit firm and ourselves will share in a portion of any proceeds recovered, which in the end finances the whole procedure.

3. Retail Energy Provision

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Your Retail Energy Provider is a business like any other in these times of deregulation. The whole purpose of deregulating an industry is to make it more competitive, and since your energy delivery company is a static and separate institution, the angle becomes who can purchase and resell blocks of energy in the most cost-effective manner. As angles go, we can think of one really good one. Focus on cost & reliability, and nothing else! We represent a host of providers, unseen, unheard in some cases, who do just that. No big ad campaigns, commercials, sponsorships, etc. The net result is that we stand an excellent chance of providing you with a new energy resource that can offer solid reductions in your power expense. With your authorization, we will research your last 3 power bills and evaluate for several factors having to do with cost determination by the provider. Of particular importance is the fact that the purchase of our products may offer even further reductions since in doing so you are decreasing the load on the grid. Given the opportunity, we will discuss this with you as part of our program. What's more, we can even set up fixed rate power delivery for up to 5 full years!

4. PlanIt Energy and You

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When all is said and done, we fully expect to drop the lighting portion of your energy bill by as much as 80%, and always more than half. Retrofitting to advanced LED technology means economy through long life, unparalleled strength & reliability, enhanced safety & security, and the incorporation of the most environmentally friendly lighting products available. Maintenance of your lighting systems will reduce to a fraction of what it is now, dramatically reducing lighting-related down-time issues. We routinely produce amazingly quick returns on investment on the purchase of these products, and in our case it's not just talk, it's mathematical fact; conclusively presented to you through our E.S.A. In addition, we offer finance programs for major installations, which in many cases are actually tailored to allow the savings in power usage to make the payment. In summary, we have constructed our client business model such that we are as non-obtrusive as possible to your daily activities. There's no hard pitch, just simple acquisition of data and our results submitted to you in written concise detail and sans useless fluff. PlanIt Energy is the smart choice, we would like very much to prove this to you, and look forward to the opportunity to do so.
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