Energy Planning is Conservation Through
Advanced Technology And Delivery:

What We Do

  • Provide comprehensive energy consumption and delivery analysis
      We examine lighting systems for power usage, luminosity, and compare against our products. Simultaneously we evaluate your electric delivery costs through on & off-peak hours over an appropriate timeframe and determine the most cost effective delivery options based on your usage patterns.

Who We Are

  • The most professional, dedicated environmental specialists in the industry
      Every member of our team embraces this challenge at every level of our endeavor. Our staff are exhaustively trained in all facets of lighting systems & power analysis, and continuing education is our standard procedure.

What We Provide

  • Results you can count on
      While our analysis worksheets may look complicated, the conclusions we provide for you are pure, undeniable math. One of the great joys we receive in our work is the surprise in just how much we will save you in energy costs while improving lighting performance at the same time. Welcome to new technology!

  • When we make a proposal, it's backed by solid, provable fact
       Our approach is very straight-forward, never an opinion, and always presented to you in simple, easy to understand terms.

And This Costs You...

  • “Zero”
       Our program is all about evaluating your power usage & delivery; to see whether or not our products and services are significantly beneficial for your company. Seriously, if we can't produce truly incredible savings, we won't try to sell them to you. And yes, we mean that...

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Energy Deregulation

The simple truth

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Scores of exceptionally well-run energy companies across the nation are ramping up the pressure on established names from the days of regulated power markets. Of the true stand-outs, this pattern of success has followed one very simple concept: Spend customer money on providing consistent, absolutely reliable power at rock-bottom prices.
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“You Won't Find Our Provider's
Names Plastered Across an Arena”

    “The right time,
    the right choice...”

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