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LED lighting is more than just lighting equipment, it is now The lighting standard of the 21st century. It has graduated to factual superiority over every other lighting technology available thanks to continued advances in performance. Quite literally, LED stands to replace virtually every light-set in the world, and just in the U.S. alone this means well over 2 billion bulbs.
If you are considering a move into the LED industry, we would like to talk to you. In addition to lighting products, we also offer energy audits to our clients, and we have enjoyed tremendous success in these endeavors. Through our volume and manufacturer-direct relationships, PlanIt Energy delivers consistent value and distinction as a “best possible purchase resource” to our customers.


PlanIt Energy is periodically seeking qualified individuals to join or partner with our organization as we expand. Essential qualifications are a college degree or equivalent business experience. Persons having previous electrical or lighting experience are strongly encouraged to apply, and we are open to network relationships with others of similar concern. For consideration, please utilize the email link below, which will open your personal email browser. Please provide us with a brief letter of introduction, along with your attached resume or other business credentials as you may wish to provide. Upon review, we shall contact you to discuss available opportunities...

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