A Discussion on Site Design

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  SITE DESIGN is typically an Ongoing Process as the DEVELOPMENT takes PLACE. I FIND the Majority of Clients have pretty GOOD IDEAS of what they want until they see it and then its COMMON that Many Alterations will take place.

  I point this out first merely to alleviate any concerns you may have regarding your site's development timetable. Your input is vital and the site needs to reflect not only your brand, it needs to reflect your brand's personality as well. Behind this process there are also critcally important visual and functionality considerations that affect your siteís performance. In addition to solid professional training in these aspects, I also provide the most salient component of all, personal experience with the results.

  Now there are a variety of site types to utilize for your endeavor and most people have a general knowledge of what each of them do. My specialties are in HTML, CSS, PHP, CMS Drupal, Joomla, and Wordpress. In addition to these basic shells, I offer a full complement of javascript and flash applications capabilities; in short, everything needed to build an advanced professional site, and using the very latest in code-sets.

  For graphic applications I produce materials and can work with components based in a variety of editors; primarily Microsoft, Adobe, and Camtasia. In real business application my experience level is first-hand; conception to post-production and quite literally net result to the bank accounts... This is to include logos, associated branding materials, i.e. design and implementation of the entire company marketing campaign.

  So in the process of creating your design, you will have access to a litany of learned marketing practices. And for those of you who havenít a clue about what you want or how to go about it, here you have found a highly experienced, eager participant in your online success, and with solid references to back that up.


Do You Have an Existing Site that just Needs some Updating?

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THIS IS one of the most FREQUENT types of Requests I receive...

  The web languages are changing so rapidly most sites are devoid of attractive and useful new technologies. Put simply, dated sites look like dated sites, with their minimized screens and primitive functionality.

  Fixing up your old site usually leads to a complete rebuild, but at significantly reduced cost, since most of the working material & usable copy is already in place. Visit my website portfolio page and have a look at some of my latest work, and then compare to yours.

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