Fake Telephone Operators

  Stock Photography certainly has its uses. Clean, Sharp Pictures are Always Best and preferably done with Your Own Personnel, Products, and Locations...

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Honesty Sells

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Photoshop software

  I pick on these nice people because they are to be found everywhere on the net on hundreds if not thousands of different sites. Use of stock photography is certainly necessary in a lot of cases but used improperly it conveys “Fake” and unless you're in the business of selling knock-off women's accessories you work against building the most important component of your sales effort, TRUST.

   The use of imagery is of course an important element in any promotional effort, and you can't always have that perfect shot you're looking for, and that is where the use of Photoshop comes in. Elements such as placing your product in areas you haven't had the opportunity or resources to shoot are easily produced and there is never any harm in doing so if in fact the image you use is an honest and realistic portrayal.

  In addition to expert and judicious use of stock imagery I also provide photography & video services as needed for online applications. The Galleries below are a mix of common stock examples and work I have photoshopped to support site theme elements or product placement ideas... Note also the transition styles used are only one of up to 20 different types that can be used. The first is a standard “JQuery Javascript” application and the second is a popular app called PrettyPhoto. Other examples of these galleries are to be found on my websites page, where you may peruse several different types of galleries and display transition properties in different site settings.


  • diver
  • couple
  • pretty girl

 Whatever your needs you will find jMD a competent, affordable, truly one-stop resource for a wide variety of visual online elements. The next gallery below provides a small sampling of some typical photoshop work I've done in different thematic directions. Do note all resolutions were set quite low to avoid a long page load.

Photoshopped Images


 More examples of graphic elements can also be found by visiting my Static Media portfolio page, and the Flyers & Brochures page as well. And of course to address any specific needs you have please call me at 972-488-3700 or send me an Email.