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What Works
and What Doesn't is a piece of Counsel
given the most HEED by
Whoever's Writing The Check.

And With
Two Decades
Of Footing Those Very Bills
you can bet I've got plenty to say  On the Matter.
So First things First:   Get with the Times...

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Absolutely Certain

It Works With One Of These...



jMD QR Code

  “QR Codes (Quick Response) are the next Big Wave in Distribution Marketing, and will do wonders to extend & increase the value of EVERYTHING you do in print, so Either Get On Board or get Run Over by your competitors...”
  Cell Phone Apps to process these codes have been around for years and are well in place in Europe & Asia; and we're next... The use of QR allows customers to auto-visit websites, load coupons, identify themselves to vendors, and much more...




  I grant you it may seem a bit odd to lead off a discussion on printed products with an exhortation to go digital but I'm sure to have gotten your attention that it's a big deal, and nothing you print should be without it, especially any ads you do, regardless of the age bracket.

  The use of QR most notably comes into play with posters, magazine ads; anything in print that can be easily scanned with a smartPhone. The technology has been slow to catch on in the US, probably due to the fiasco referred to as the CueCat, a very expensive flop. Things are very different now from 1999...

  CueCat was an impractical and cumbersome wired device attached to a desktop. As Smartphones have come to dominate the cellphone market, not even Tibetan hermits are unaware there are 100's of thousands of apps out there to take advantage of their capabilities.

  Having your ad, brochure or flyer capable of instantaneously loading useful information onto a customer's “Pocket Computer” significantly increases the lieklihood of a great response to your ad, even now. I've pointed this out to give you a reference point in any discussion we have about your printed materials needs, and should certainly help open up a lively discourse to a unique, fresh, and Cost-Effective marketing strategy which yields a verifiably healthy ROI, oh my favorite phrase. Now about those materials...

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