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  ONLINE STORES are best developed using Hosting Agency applications that provide BUILT-IN Automated TOOLS to run them with. This significantly increases the EASE OF USE of your site, and maximizes the Efficiency of your BUSINESS...

  I spend very little space here discussing E-Commerce, as the correct way to handle this topic is by analysis of your needs and making recommendations accordingly.

  There are a variety of e-commerce platforms to utilize in building out your online store, and I like most developers certainly have my favorites. But there is far more that goes into building out a store than many people realize. A particular advantage my clients receive is the fact that Iíve already been in the business of having and/or running several of these types of web applications.

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  Drawing on a management background in retail manufacture & sales, I plan up front for the efficiencies you will need in place as your operation expands and do so from the personal experience point of view. To wit: I shall set up your store such that you will be fully ready for retail and wholesale clients if need be, along with automated accounting, processing, and shipping solutions.

  To discuss this in detail please contact me directly at 972-488-3700 or by Email if you prefer...