Copywriting - Live or Die by the Pen!

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  WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY and How You Say It is a KEY Factor in your SEARCH RANKINGS and equally important How Competent and Trustworthy you are perceived to be. BRANDING your Company online means LOOK SMART - BE SMART - ARE SMART = TRUST = New Clients!

  Quality copy is without question the most important component of your marketing program. Between competitive business interests, what sets the winner apart is the level of trust they invoke in the consumer. Professionalism and the perception of higher competency make that happen.

  Itís a basic rule of thumb in the professional marketing community and yet poorly written and/or generic sales copy are still quite common in the business website world. Such sites are the hallmark of the website-in-a-can industry and by choosing a professional copywriter as your site designer such as me you are assured that engaging and interesting copy relevant to the product and its buyers will be prioritized equally with search marketing keyword considerations.

  Equally important, copy also needs to be indicative of the companyís personality. A key component of what I do is conversationally engage your sales team. I have found in my own experiences that the sales portal is most fluid when it is in a state of congruency throughout. Which is to say in this case that when the site personality is similar to the experience your potential client receives when engaging your team on the phone, or in person, the all-important element of trust is re-enforced.

  Working together we shall place these perceptual hints via subtle uses of syntax and expression. In doing so we quite literally set the tone of the conversation before a client call is even made. Without question you will find this approach remarkably effective.

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  That said, we will of course be looking very intently at keyword optimization also. A cardinal sin in this process is the overuse of such wording which makes for a very boring read and can be counter-productive, and in some cases can even work against you in terms of optimization.

  As a certified technical writer I stay keenly abreast of all the announced changes to the search algorithms as they occur and have had marked success for many years in placing my clients in top positions, a statement I am quite happy to incontrovertably prove in our discussion of your needs. Please contact me to learn more about this process...

  For a review of examples of live web copywriting please visit my Website Gallery page, and for original composition styles please visit my Technical Writing page as well...