Computer Repair

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  Do you have Desk or Laptops giving you a Hard Time?
Running Slow? Viruses or Mystery bugs? System Crashes?

No Problem!

I offer Ridiculously Inexpensive Analysis & Repair Services, and in Many Cases can Repair your problems Right from our Offices without even having to Visit yours...

The Great Majority of Computer Issues are readily Alleviated with Software Repairs and as such may not require an on-site visit. Standard procedure for many repair services is to bill you from one to several hundred dollars for showing up to repair your computer(s).

Fair enough but if an on-site visit is not required why spend the money? My service is geared specifically toward desktop systems using Windows software. In 90% of cases I can effectively analyze your computer right from our office.

That said, let me point out also if you are somewhat skittish about having your computer worked on from an off-site location I certainly have No Problem visiting your Offices...


Assured Safe Resolution
       & Same Day Service

I offer expert use of the best tools in the industry to resolve computer problems related to overloaded systems, registry errors, “Things that happen over Time that slowly wear your System down”.

  Tools available from Microsoft and other providers only go so far and typically don't help much in making substantive changes in your system's performance.

  What does is knowing how to safely get into the more inner workings of your system, and doing so in a safe & highly competent manner.

  Macecraft as shown and other professional grade tools I have at my disposal will significantly enhance your systems performance in almost all cases and in addition I can provide you with low-cost, powerful protection software that won't interfere with your day-to-day computer activity as most of the standard anti-virus tools are notorious for.

   Please call (972-488-3700) or Email me for more information, I'm happy to discuss your needs or issues at any time...